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We Are Ourswedding

Ourswedding is baking home made cake since 2015, for birthday and daily cake. We are now creating more and more bespoke design request according to your wedding details, such as texture, floral and colors. Inquire within for consultation , and get free cake testing when you subscribe to our website *.

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Rustic with

Dried Flowers

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Rustic styled wedding cake is mostly covered with buttercream

Rustic Flowers arrangement on your wedding can be perfect for you boohoo/ natural Bali wedding concept

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fresh flower


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Fresh flowers cake can be either on buttercream covered cake, semi naked buttercream cake, or fondant covered cake

Bali's tropical weather makes perfect blooms for your floral wedding cake  a perfect combination of tropical, and imported flowers.

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Tiered wedding cake has one extra layer consist of additional artificial layers such as hexagone dome

Contemporary wedding cake design can be perfect for your themed and modern wedding

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Grand Wedding Cake

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Grand wedding cake

Grand wedding cake usually consist of Faux Tiered cake, Has tall & large structure, that is perfect for your ballroom wedding.

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Classic & Simple

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Classic Wedding cake , it's all white and intimate

Classic wedding cake, white velvety with textured, can be perfect for your intimate and classic themed wedding.

Ours Services

We provide free consultation services via online for you to decide how much cake you need for your guest, pick your own design and elements of the cake.

Cake Testing

We provide free cake testing upon appointment, please inquire within for appointments

Wedding Cake Delivery

We will take care of your cake cutting services* when you need cake cutting services

Design & Consultation

We Provide free consultation for design, please inquire within / which style would you preferred

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